Giving Back Tour

"That flag is the blood that they sacrificed for my crazy butt, and I take that to heart."

05Scott LoBaido

8 year old Braxton is truly a star. For two years now he has raised money and awareness for fallen police officers.

05Braxton Davis Lee

All of us at Flags of Valor recognize Stephen as a warrior, fighting against all odds.

05Stephen Stapel

During the Vietnam War, A.C. completed 130 missions, often deep in the jungles and stranded for days.

05Lieutenant Colonel Alex Charles (A.C.) Green

What does the flag mean to you? "Daddy."

05Brylie Savina Burleson

The Reason

Why We Did It?

Earlier this year, as part of our first Giving Back Tour, we asked our fans and supporters to tell us about great Americans in their communities. The response was overwhelming. We recently traveled across the USA on Planes, Trains & Automobiles to meet these great Americans and thank them in person.


From the Tour

Moments captured during our Giving Back Tour


The Phantom Fury

Commemorating the bravery of the servicemen who took part in the fierce action to retake Fallujah, Iraq in November 2004 during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Learn more about our Phantom Fury Flag.


Giving Back Tour

Nominate someone who is super deserving of a flag and tell us why.
It can be a veteran, non-veteran, police officer, a child, the list goes on.